My name is Jennifer and I do website stuff

Here's a little history for you

I’m currently working on navigating this whole new world where I don't have one big website client. I'm working on a few smaller sites as well as my own websites. And also, as my alter ego, figuring out how to do online coaching for weightlifters in a world where all the gyms are mostly closed or if they aren't, people are afraid to train in them due to the coronavirus. 

But 22 years ago I made my first client website while laying horizontal on a couch with the computer on the coffee table, because I was required to be on bedrest while pregnant. If I could survive that before smart phones and Netflix, then this is a piece of cake, right?! 

For a long time I had multiple clients. I've created 30+ web sites over the last 20 years, but honestly showing you most of them would be silly  because things have changed so much over that time.  As time progressed, I started doing more and more work for one company and stopped working for the smaller folks. But honestly, my favorite websites to create are small sites for small businesses. I mean who doesn't like a project with a beginning, a middle, and an  end, right?

When I did most of my work for the large company, my tasks covered such a wide range of IT topics that my manager called me "The Knower of Things." From site design, content organization, weekly deployment of high level back end development, QA and site debugging, web forms of all types, email marketing, newsletter and content creation, CRM management,  A/B testing, visitor tracking, pixel placement, domain name selection and registration... honestly it starts sounding like a keyword stuffed meta tag. But I'm good at a lot of it, people seem to like working with me, I'm very organized, and I like to get things done.

In any case, I'm excited to find myself in a position to split my time between website work of whatever flavor you have in mind, while also pursuing my passion of coaching and competing in weightlifting.

a lovely photo of Jennifer Perrier