A non-exhaustive list of the things I can help you with:


New Web Site Design

I can get fancy or it can even be done with a template system that you yourself can edit later. 

Current Web Site Overhaul

Site organization is underrated but super important in either converting your site visitors to customers or keeping your audience’s attention. Freshening up your site every so often is a good idea in general.

Domain Name Selection, Registration and Forwarding

There are actually some best practices for selecting domains, would you believe.

Social Media Promotions

Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – “the socials” need TLC on a regular basis. Call it a content calendar, call it a marketing cadence, whatever it is, I can help you figure out the pace.

Search Engine Optimization

Some call it art, some call it science, probably it’s both and it needs to be reviewed periodically to keep your site relevant in the search engines.


Attractive event creation and promotion is important. Basically because no one wants to sign up for an event that looks boring, even if the actual event is cool as heck.

Email promotions

MailChimp, GoDaddy Email Marketing, etc. – yes, people still read email but only if it doesn’t stink or look stupid.

Business Automation

Wufoo forms, Zapier Web-app connectivity, etc. – lots of ways to connect the dots out there, let’s make sure they are connected to the right thing.

A/B Testing

Adobe Target, Dynamic Yield – A/B tests might be the bane of your existence but you’ll learn about customer behavior. 

Site Stats

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Tag Manager – we report, you decide what comes next.